Contextual Intelligence: Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Mission on the Front Lines


by Leonard Sweet and Michael Adam Beck

Why are some institutions thriving while others are closing their doors, declaring bankruptcy, and throwing in the towel? Why are some churches missionally prospering while others are experiencing significant decline?

The answer to these questions is an ancient secret, now unveiled afresh for mission on the front lines of a post-COVID world. The Tribe of Issachar possessed a distinct kind of intelligence which recognized that what worked in one season or location doesn’t necessarily transfer to another. This vital skill, known as contextual intelligence, is now unearthed for this pivotal moment.

In this groundbreaking book from renowned author Len Sweet and trailblazing missional pioneer Michael Beck, you will explore the phenomenon of contextual intelligence, discover a framework for its cultivation, and learn how you can apply it in your own circumstance.

In these pages you will be called to a new order that the authors are calling The Issacharians, the tribe known for the ability to “read the signs of the times and know what to do.”


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