We are one of the most stressed out generations in history. Extended exposure to chronic or extreme mental or physical stress ultimately becomes trauma. We are living through a series of unfolding crises that are causing individual and collective trauma on a massive scale. These overlapping crises include: a global pandemic, systemic racism, climate change, political extremism, and the disintegration of church as we know it… just to name a few!

Unresolved trauma is carried in our bodies, communities, and societal systems. If it goes unresolved it spills out in patterns of harm and is passed on intergenerationally.

Every person, organization, or community possesses a wound, a weakness, or unresolved trauma.

All wounds are not created equal, but all people are equally wounded.

If we can go through a process of healing, we often discover that our greatest wounds and challenges can become our most powerful assets.

One of the spiritual writers in the Judeo-Christian tradition was experiencing an unresolved wound he called “a thorn in the flesh.” Paul the Apostle, one of the most influential figures in history, describes the ongoing struggle with this wound. In the midst of his battle, Paul heard Jesus speak these words…

my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 

If Christ’s power is made perfect in our weaknesses, then our wounds can become our superpowers.

I believe this is a universal truth with transformative potential for all human beings. I wrote a book documenting some of the many people who turned their wounds, disabilities, and struggles into their greatest strength called Painting With Ashes.

I’m a spiritual guide who helps individuals, organizations, and churches turn their greatest weakness into their superpower. I’m passionate about nurturing people to heal, love, and unleash imagination to create better lives and communities.

People share healing when they invite others to touch their wounds.

As an abandoned street kid, in and out of juvenile detention facilities, experiencing a healing community that was accessible, safe, and real, changed the trajectory of my life.

Accessible: meaning close, contextual, in my neighborhood, speaking a common language I could understand (John 1:14).

Safe: it was a place of healing not harm, an environment of grace, an inclusive space where all were welcome (Luke 4:18-19).

Real: authentic, transparent, the people were honest about their real wounds, they processed their pain in an uncensored language, and real healing was taking place (James 5:16).

Weakness is transformed into superpower in a communal atmosphere of grace where people are free to be vulnerable.

Communities that are accessible, safe, and real, can allow people to process their trauma in an unfiltered way. Cultivating these healing communities, where people can paint with ashes, can help heal the world. I help others turn weakness into superpower by creating these healing communities together. I journey beside individuals, churches, businesses, and denominations to turn God-dreams into reality.

I do this through primarily four services:

  1. Coaching and Mentoring: individuals and teams through a journey of transformation.
  2. Consulting for Revitalization: with declining churches, organizations, denominations, I employ an intervention-based process.
  3. Training and Equipping: teaching, speaking, designing and leading trainings.
  4. Resources: creating practitioner-oriented resources. I produce blogs, articles, books, and tools for individuals and organizations.

I’ve created this site, to share learnings, resources, and tools, as well as offer services to help you become more faithful and fruitful in whatever God has called you to.

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Endorsements from mentors

“Michael Beck is a thought leader and a practitioner. His apostolic leadership and teaching is inspiring, challenging and motivating to audiences to “be the church” in our communities and local context. His honesty and vulnerability as he shares his own personal testimony and faith journey is a powerful redemption story. I consider it a privilege to call him my Brother and my Friend.” 
-Rev. Dr. Candace M Lewis, President and Dean Gammon Theological Seminary, Atlanta, GA

“Michael is a force of nature. He is catalyzing at pace innovative Christian communities among people who do not currently attend church. He is a voice of the future. You can’t afford to miss what he says!”
-Michael Moynagh, author, minister in the Church of England, based at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. “The theologian of fresh expressions of church,” he has an international consulting and teaching ministry.

“Michael is my #1 protégé, and he has relational skills that I can only dream about. I think so highly of him that we wrote a book together called “Contextual Intelligence.” Michael is widely used in my tribe by bishops and conference executives. He has helped other denominations and ecclesial networks catch a vision for what he calls a ‘blended ecology’ in which inherited and cutting-edge forms of church can live in a symbiotic and synergistic relationship. This requires enough adaptive change to engage the new missional frontier, but without leaving the traditional church behind.”
-Leonard Sweet, best-selling author (Rings of Fire), professor (Drew University, Portland Seminary, Tabor College, Evangelical Seminary), and host of preachthestory.com  

“Michael is both an outstanding emerging thinker as well a leading practitioner he can serve as a great guide for those called to experiment in new forms of ecclesia.” 
-Alan Hirsch, author of numerous award-winning books on missional leadership, organization, and spirituality.  Founder of Forge Missional Training Network, the Movement Leaders Collective, and the 5Q Collective