Michael Adam Beck

Speaking. Training. Coaching. Consulting.

Michael Adam Beck is a spiritual guide who helps people heal, love, and unleash imagination to create better lives and communities. His passion is to help individuals, organizations, and churches turn their greatest weakness into their superpower.


From workshops, keynotes, and conferences, Michael inspires Missional Innovation and launches teams into action. Michael teaches across the United States and abroad with multiple organizations.

Michael equips groups through contextually intelligent engaging presentations that inspire and equip. Equipping typically refers to outfitting a group with the necessary items for a specific task. For Michael, this is more zeroed in on attuning ourselves to the Holy Spirit and knowing our calling, passions, and gifts.


Traditionally training has been associated with teaching a person or group particular information so they can grow in a skill or behavior. One of Dr. Beck’s gifts is teaching in this generic sense.

But he believes missional innovation requires a further dimension. It’s more action-oriented, like an athlete trains by undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event. It’s not simply oriented around the impartation of knowledge, but in the embodiment of this knowledge in new ways.


God has given every person a set of gifts, skills, calling, and a vision. We call a person’s personal vision their “God-dream.” God has planted in your soul the seed of a dream for your life. We come alongside missional innovators to help them cultivate their God-dream.

1. Missional Mentorship: is a long-term relationship in which your development as a person is our primary focus. Think of it as a journey with a hero and a guide. You are the hero of your own story; we want to come alongside you as a guide.

2. Missional Coaching: is a focused relationship which is oriented toward both person and task


There is no one size fits all congregation, and there is no one size fits all revitalization process. Every church is a series of interlocking relationships: with God, with each other, with the wider church, and with a given context. Our process is custom fit and tailor-made for your church/denomination/network.

Michael’s approach to revitalization is also distinct from many consultants. It is a process he has described in his writings as “Re-missioning.”


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