I work with leaders across the globe and it’s unanimous… leadership is hard these days!

While every age has its unique set of challenges, followers of Jesus find themselves today in unprecedented circumstances.

In many cases, we are doing everything we were educated and trained to do and yet our churches are declining, our organizations are losing kingdom impact, and personally we feel the weight.

It’s as if we’ve been prepared for a world that no longer exists.

We truly are on a new frontier, that requires fresh ways to think, adapt, and innovate.

In this scenario we need missional leadership. Missional is derived from the term Missio Dei (Latin for mission of God). In the basic sense, missio means “sent” and comprehends mission as a primary attribute of God. Leadership refers to energizing a community of people toward accomplishing some shared mission.

Ultimately, missional leaders are people who follow Jesus well. They are called and sent to fulfill the mission of God in their context.

I am a spiritual guide who helps people, churches, and organizations turn God-dreams into reality. My calling is to cultivate contextually intelligent, thriving, missional leaders and churches.

I do that through primarily four services:

1.         Coaching Missional Leaders

2.         Consulting for Revitalization

3.         Training and Equipping

4.         Producing Missional Resources

I’ve created this site, to give away learnings, resources, and tools, as well as offer services to help you become more faithful and fruitful in whatever God has called you to.

As you can see, my website and blog are not fancy. In fact, my site is almost entirely free beside a small hosting fee. I personally try to practice a form of “missional minimalism” which is a topic of my work.

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About Rev. Dr. Michael Beck

I am currently the Director of Re-Missioning for Fresh Expressions US, Cultivator of Fresh Expressions for the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, and adjunct professor for the Doctor of Ministry program at United Theological Seminary. I serve as the co-pastor of Wildwood UMC with my wife Jill, where we direct addiction recovery programs, a jail ministry, a food pantry, an interracial unity movement, and house a faith-based inpatient treatment center. Wildwood is a traditional congregation and a network of thirteen fresh expressions that gather in tattoo parlors, dog parks, salons, running tracks, community centers, burrito joints, and digital spaces.

I cultivate missional leaders in individual, regional, statewide, and national roles. Most recently I’ve begun to do this in the context of educational institutions. I coach pioneers across the theological spectrum. I’ve consulted with hundreds of churches, as well as districts, denominations, networks, and dioceses. As a practitioner of missional leadership, I’ve started and developed businesses and planted missional communities most of my life. I’ve done this for the last ten years from the base of a traditional congregation. My coaching and consulting work are not theoretical only, but experiential. I believe in maintaining a practitioner’s ethos: I eat my own cooking and share experimental recipes!

I earned a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Semiotics and Future Studies at Portland Seminary. I’m an author of multiple books in my field, including Deep Roots, Wild Branches: Revitalizing the Church in the Blended Ecology; A Field Guide to Methodist Fresh Expressions; and co-author of Contextual Intelligence: Unlocking the Ancient Secret to Mission on the Front Lines (in press) with Leonard Sweet, and The 21st Century Christian: Following Jesus Where Life Happens with Michael Moynagh. My doctoral dissertation is available to download here for free: “Contextual Intelligence: One Intelligence to Serve Them All.”

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Endorsements from mentors…

“Michael is a force of nature. He is catalyzing at pace innovative Christian communities among people who do not currently attend church. He is a voice of the future. You can’t afford to miss what he says!”
-Michael Moynagh, author, minister in the Church of England, based at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. “The theologian of fresh expressions of church,” he has an international consulting and teaching ministry.

“Michael is my #1 protégé, and he has relational skills that I can only dream about. I think so highly of him that we wrote a book together on Contextual Intelligence called “Issachar’s Secret,” along with an accompanying interactive resource. Michael is widely used in my tribe by bishops and conference executives. He has helped other denominations and ecclesial networks catch a vision for what he calls a ‘blended ecology’ in which inherited and cutting-edge forms of church can live in a symbiotic and synergistic relationship. This requires enough adaptive change to engage the new missional frontier, but without leaving the traditional church behind.”
-Leonard Sweet, best-selling author (Rings of Fire), professor (Drew University, Portland Seminary, Tabor College, Evangelical Seminary), and host of preachthestory.com  

“Michael is both an outstanding emerging thinker as well a leading practitioner he can serve as a great guide for those called to experiment in new forms of ecclesia.” 
-Alan Hirsch, author of numerous award-winning books on missional leadership, organization, and spirituality.  Founder of Forge Missional Training Network, the Movement Leaders Collective, and the 5Q Collective