Cabinet Exploration Day

Meet with Conference Bishop, District Superintendents, developers, and staff to understand the movement and the structure of the blended ecology.

Annual Conference Events

Host presentations and/or workshops to cast a vision for fresh expressions, offering follow-up next steps to get involved.

Garden Day

Offer an opening wide-net training day that provides an overview of Fresh Expressions and the blended ecology focused on imagination and seeding ideas.

Greenhouse Day

Gather teams of cohort practitioners for a deep dive into practical guidance on cultivating fresh expressions and other passional forms of ministry focused on activation, planting and helping things grow.

Rainforest Day

Provide a day in which teams present their new expressions and share key learnings focused on multiplication and creating a rainforest of passional innovation.

Adventurer Cohorts

Establish intensive, yearlong cohorts of lay and clergy practitioners who provide peer-to-peer mentorship and remain supported and accountable as they form new Christian communities.

Train the Trainers

Co-create the pathway together by identifying cultivators, creating district teams, and training a conference cultivator.

Learn More

Connect with our team to learn if your conference, synod, or district would benefit from the Fresh Expressions Pathway.