B.R.E.A.T.H. A Guide for Discipleship and Disciple Multiplication


by Michael Adam Beck

We live in a traumatized age. In an ecclesial ecosystem where the church has done ministry in the name of Jesus, but not in the way of Jesus, how do we heal the harm we have caused?

Pastor, professor, and movement leader, Michael Adam Beck, believes this all comes down to a failure of discipleship. The church has failed to form people indwelled by Christ who live, love, think, and act like Jesus.

The church is experiencing a crisis of compassion.

In B.R.E.A.T.H. Beck lays out a trauma-informed, compassionate pathway for discipleship and disciple multiplication. He shows that the goal of discipleship is union with Christ which results in Christlike character that is shared with others. He describes how to form communities of people who embody the life of Jesus in the world.

Beck is an active ministry practitioner who has led churches for over 15 years, in which everyday Christians (lay persons) have matured as disciples and cultivated new forms of church (Fresh Expressions) in every nook and cranny of daily life.

Now, for the first time, Beck shares this practical discipleship pathway in a simple guidebook for teams to utilize together. This book will provide:

  • A trauma-informed, compassion-centered, discipleship pathway
  • Undergirding Biblical theology for discipleship in the 21st century
  • Simple tools, exercises, and discussion questions for teams to work through together
  • An easy, accessible guide that existing congregations can use to move from membership to discipleship

Get your team together with this ebook. Take a deep inhale of the Risenness of Jesus, and get ready to exhale the sending power of the Spirit into the world!


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