New People // New Ways

“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.”
John 13:34

Fresh Expressions UM is a distinctly Wesleyan Spirit-led movement of new Christian communities that serve the present age. We seek to localize the Great Commandment to “love God and neighbor” (Matt 22:35-40) with the Great Commission “as you go make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28: 18-20) in the spaces and rhythms where people do life.

We cultivate communities of love and grace for people neglected by the church.  

Post-Christendom has brought new challenges. The Church’s wellbeing is inextricably linked to how it seeks the wellbeing of the world around it. Inherited, attractional-only forms of church are not connecting with most people. We now need a blended ecology of church (i.e., hybrid: attractional and missional, gathered and sent, analog and digital) to thrive on a new missional frontier. Jesus said, “Neither is new wine put into old wineskins; otherwise, the skins burst, and the wine is spilled, and the skins are destroyed; but new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.” (Matthew 9:17, italics ours). The blended ecology is a and/both way of being church.

Today we launched a new podcast to support this distinctly Wesleyan, Spirit-led movement that reaches people neglected by the church. Join the Fresh Expressions Florida team as they explore missional mischief-making with everyday people who are cultivating Christian communities of love and grace that serve those outside the typical church.

In this episode, we are joined by Bishop Ken Carter who has been a pivotal voice of support, encouragement, and empowerment for the Fresh Expressions movement in Florida and beyond. We discuss his vision of the future of the Church and how fresh expressions of church play a part.

You can find New People // New Ways anywhere you listen to podcasts. We also have video versions of the podcast on our YouTube channel!

Follow the link below to learn more:

Episode available on all podcast platforms and YouTube.

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