Entry 1: The Seeds of the Churches Renewal

The seeds of the Churches’ renewal are hidden in the soils of local congregations. Recently United Methodists of Florida held our annual conference (the yearly gathering of clergy and laity across the state). While every year there are some exciting highlights, the significant bummer moment of each year is the announcement of closed churches (thisContinue reading “Entry 1: The Seeds of the Churches Renewal”

How Institutions Can Avoid Exiling and Domesticating Pioneers

            In my last post I described the psychology of pioneers. Here I want to visit how pioneers’ function within their social ecosystems, or a sociology of pioneering. I’m doing so from the perspective of a clergy person serving in a denomination that has experienced 50 years of unbroken decline (UMC). I’ve framed this explorationContinue reading “How Institutions Can Avoid Exiling and Domesticating Pioneers”

Pioneer Ministry: Inside the Pioneer Mind

In part four of the Fresh Expressions 101 series, I explored the origins and theological underpinnings of pioneer ministry. Here I want to examine pioneer ministry from a psychological perspective. In the next installment I will examine pioneering from a sociological perspective and suggest some ways institutions can avoid exiling or domesticating pioneers. This isContinue reading “Pioneer Ministry: Inside the Pioneer Mind”

Pioneer Ministry: Origins and Theological Underpinnings

So perhaps you have heard the terms “pioneer,” or “pioneer ministry” used in connection with the missional church movement. In this fourth installment of the Fresh Expressions 101 series, I will define pioneer ministry and the theological underpinnings. In the next installment I will do a deep dive into who pioneers are (psychology) and howContinue reading “Pioneer Ministry: Origins and Theological Underpinnings”

A Missional Travel Glossary

When we are on a journey, we need to learn the basic currency of language for the road. For some, the terminology being used in the Fresh Expressions movement may seem like a foreign language. Here in part three of the Fresh Expressions 101 series, I want to simply provide a “missional travel glossary.” ThisContinue reading “A Missional Travel Glossary”

A Poverty of Values, Leadership, and Imagination

Dear Fellow Americans, Thousands more people will die due to poverty. A poverty of values, leadership, and imagination. Let me illustrate what I mean with a microcosm of learning from the church that can be applied to our greater society. When COVID-19 struck, churches reacted primarily in two ways, while these are generalizations, we willContinue reading “A Poverty of Values, Leadership, and Imagination”

Fresh Expressions: What They Are and What They Are Not

By now you’ve probably heard of the fresh expressions movement but may be still asking yourself “so what actually is a fresh expression?”  Is a fresh expression just another type of outreach? Perhaps you started one accidentally? Or maybe you’re unclear what’s the difference between a potential and mature fresh expression of church? It’s possibleContinue reading “Fresh Expressions: What They Are and What They Are Not”