Plant a Digital Campus

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the future came in the night and we are here now. Desperation is the seedbed of innovation. Due to mandatory stay-at-home orders churches all over the world jumped into a new missional frontier… the digital ecosystem.

Many of us learned to stream services, offering analog, digital, and hybrid forms of worship. This in itself was a huge learning curve for many congregations. But simply figuring out how to do worship online falls short of what is needed in this new space.

The question many missional innovators began to ask was different… “how do we form new Christian communities in the digital sphere?”

In the midst of the pandemic, our team cultivated a new church that now has almost 1000 members… Living Room Church (LRC). This is the Facebook Campus of our church, a second site that gathers on a digital platform. If we knew there was a place where billions of people gathered for community every day, wouldn’t we want to plant a church there? So that’s what we did.

The vision of LRC is “Gathering as a vibrant, intergenerational, multiethnic, digital worshipping community. Growing in love for God and neighbor. Going in mission to the world.”

The Facebook Campus centers worship, discipleship, and evangelism in the home. This is an online community designed to encourage, support, and celebrate its members spiritual growth in the normal rhythms and spaces of life.

We equip people right where they do life—to come to faith, grow in faith, and share their faith—Gather, Grow, Go. We call these our three G’s: Gather: we gather people in community digitally. Grow: we offer digital forums where people can grow in love for God and others. Go: we equip and unleash people to cultivate analog and digital fxC’s in their contexts.

Our theological rationale is centered in the Book of Acts. Here we see what the early church looked like as followers of Jesus met for their gatherings in homes (Acts 2:46-47). When the temple was destroyed, they met solely in private residences and with no dedicated buildings or professional clergy, the church flourished for 300 years.

Living Room Church is “a community to support and celebrate your spiritual growth. A safe zone to connect, discuss real issues, and heal with other imperfect people. A space to reflect on Scripture, worship, learn, and pray together. A church that’s open 24/7, providing relationships and spiritual resources. Located where you hang out every day already…Facebook!”

Our Team Wants to Help You Plant a Digital Church!

Here’s how the process works.

  1. Schedule a free one hour Zoom consultation to decide if a digital campus is right for you.
  2. If our services fit the vision and values of your congregation, denomination, network, or church plant, we enter into a year long partnership.
  3. We begin with deep, prayerful, listening, then decide the appropriate technological platform for your context.
  4. Our team will walk beside you step by step, from basic instruction in technologies, to setting up infrastructure, developing leadership, then to launching and growing the campus.
  5. The goal is not to create a dependency relationship but to train, equip, and unleash your team to create a self-sustaining, indigenously led, multiplying Christian community. We will remain available for coaching as needed beyond the year journey.

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