Michael’s “God-dream” is to cultivate contextually intelligent, thriving, missional innovators and churches.

Coaching missional innovators:

God has given every person a set of gifts, skills, calling, and a vision. We call a person’s personal vision their “God-dream.” God has planted in your soul the seed of a dream for your life. We come along side missional innovators to help them cultivate their God-dream.

We do this in two distinct ways:

1. Missional Mentorship: is a long-term relationship in which your development as a person is our primary focus. Think of it as a journey with a hero and a guide. You are the hero of your own story; we want to come alongside you as a guide.

This is a purposeful relationship in which our role is to encourage and affirm, to challenge and hold accountable, the development of your soul, character, gifts, and skills. Good guides don’t solve our problems for us, they help us ask better questions and discover the inner resources of the Spirit we sometimes are unaware we possess. In this sense, missional mentorship is directed towards self-fulfillment and life goals. As a more integrated, fulfilled person, you will be a better leader.

2. Missional Coaching: is a focused relationship oriented towards both person and task. As an innovator, you are inextricably linked to what you are innovating. God is always using one to enforce the other. As a coach, we want to take you through a process of development that must be worked out in the context of your ministry. A task may involve the cultivation of new ministries, starting/managing businesses, discipling your family, revitalizing congregations, or pioneering fresh expressions of church.

This relationship is more like a boxer and a trainer, or an artist and an apprentice. You alone can get in the ring and fight, but our coaches are with you as a kind of corner man. From that vantage point we can see things about your missional posture, practices, strengths, and weaknesses. We can direct you to duck that right hook or fire a jab. Like an artist, we are passing down fundamental skills, competencies, and ways of seeing, to help you grow in your practice of missional innovation.

This is still about your personal growth, it requires us to develop an intimate knowledge of you as a person—your aspirations, motivations, and priorities. Part of our role is to help you find a healthy rhythm of reflection and action. In this balance between person and task, We’ll guide you to become the most faithful and fruitful missional leader possible.

Coaching and Mentorship packages include a mixture of face-to-face and Zoom based sessions.

We provide one free session by Zoom to help you decide if our coach is the right guide for you.

We offer three tiers of service:

Tier 1: 6 sessions spread over the course of the year.
Tier 2: 12 monthly sessions per year.
Tier 3: A. 24 biweekly sessions in one year
B. 12 two-hour sessions per month

Michael is limited in his capacity to take on new people at this time, but he has trained a team of coaches to work with you. If you have questions, want to check availability, find out more about pricing or need further information contact us here.

“Encouraging the unique strengths that each person brings and providing space for essential experimentation and creativity, Michael is more than a coach or mentor. He assumes the role of conversation partner and friend, collaborating and teaching alongside individuals as they embark upon new ways of being God’s people to a world in need.” -Piper Ramsey-Sumner, Founder of Tallahassee Brew Theology, North West District Cultivator of Fresh Expressions, FL.

“Michael has helped put a framework and a language to the passion I have for reaching people and sharing how Jesus has changed my life. For our district of churches, his coaching has amplified the impact by empowering them in the creation of new fresh expressions of church and inviting others to come to the frontline of the Gospel. He has helped us see our communities in new and unique ways while encouraging us to respond to the needs right where we are. I have been tremendously thankful for his friendship and support over this last year of exploring fresh expressions.” -Lou Weber, Executive Pastor, First Church Melbourne, Atlantic Central District Cultivator of Fresh Expressions, FL.

Kayleigh describes her discipleship journey through our missional communities at Wildwood UMC.

Let’s make something together.

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